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Having ADHD doesn’t have to be an uphill battle of endless to-do lists and sustained inner chaos. Do you want to know all about living with this brain difference, happy and pill free? You’ve come to the right place!

I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and this site is dedicated to helping my fellow ADHD-ers create a life of fun, ease and good times! By sharing my take on this elusive disorder, I hope to help you gain a new and exciting perspective on yourself. If you can change your mind, you can change your life.

ADHD Symptoms Checklist

What is ADHD?

While ADHD was once a relatively unknown condition, today it’s part of the public consciousness. More and more people are suffering from typical ADHD symptoms – states of inattention, hyperactivity or impulsiveness along with the number of people diagnosed with ADHD is rising.

ADHD brain research is one of the fastest advancing psychiatric fields with hundreds of research articles on the disorder being published every year. Numerous books are written about the topic by authors from all walks of life. Doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, healers and psychics… everyone seems to have an opinion. Adding to the confusion, many of these opinions are contradictory!

As time passes and more research is done, a conclusive answer that everyone can agree upon may be reached. Until then, here’s a quick look at how people are currently answering the question ‘What is ADHD?’

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What is Holistic Healing?

The word holistic comes from the Greek word “holos”, which means whole or complete. Therefore, holistic healing considers and includes all aspects – mind, body and soul – of the individual while western medicine typically focuses on the physical.

Most importantly, holistic healing works from an energetic point of view; creating more internal balance while considering outside factors that may cause stress and discomfort. It acknowledges the fact that mind and body are connected, understanding how feelings and thoughts have the power to create health and disease.

Holistic healing realizes that everything in our universe is energy. This is perhaps its most fundamental principle! So understanding the basics of how energy works is a great way to get into an holistic mindset. Read more about the basic principles of Holistic Healing for ADHD.

Holistic Healing as an Alternative for ADHD Medication

Many people with ADHD are still skeptical about ADHD medication due to their numerous side effects. Alternative treatments for ADHD are becoming more popular along with a different, more positive mindset about the condition.

Research shows that techniques like mindfulness and meditation help reduce ADHD symptoms. Other strategies like adjusting your ADHD diet and engaging in regular exercise also produce positive results.

These natural ADHD treatments are all part of the holistic approach. When it comes to holistic healing, anything that helps create an easier and more fulfilling quality of life is worth exploring.

Understanding the Energy associated with ADHD

The energy associated with ADHD is often described as being fast and frantic; if it’s channeled in a productive way, however, it can be quite creative and stimulating.

When a person with ADHD is balanced, he or she may not have much difficulty navigating daily life. But many people with ADHD are not fully aware of their own sensitivities. They can be very affected by both their environment and other people’s energy.

Therefore it’s very important for them to monitor their energy and remain conscious of the need to relax or temporarily retreat from the action. Find out more about the holistic view on the underlying causes ADHD.

ADHD or Indigo: A Shift in Consciousness?

Our world is changing at a rate that was unthinkable only 20 years ago. Old regimes are being overthrown, revolutionary technologies are changing the way people interact with each other. Communication has become instant and global almost overnight. Many of us are realizing that we are in the middle of a global shift in consciousness.

There is a new energy embracing our planet that seems to be destroying old ways of operating and unveiling a new perspective on reality. Together we are re-thinking the way we view our world. The Mayans may have predicted the apocalypse in 2012, but as the word suggests (apocalypse=unveiling), they were merely referring to this global energetic shift.

While most rational-minded people would disagree, there are those who believe ADHD is just a sign of these changing times. They believe that people diagnosed with ADHD have a different energetic make up causing them to experience and interact with their world in a different way; their thinking is more holistic and intuitive rather than compartmentalized and rational. These individuals are often called Indigos.

The Indigo issue has sparked much controversy. For most people, scientific research methods are still required to separate fact from fiction. The idea of a new genotype populating the earth is preposterous to some, while others have embraced it wholeheartedly. Those of us diagnosed with ADHD, therefore, need to explore various avenues to make up their minds – which is what they prefer to do anyway ;)